Our Services

Add-on Services for Services Plans

GST Returns
(from $250 per GST period)

We take care of your GST returns and provide cash flow reports each GST period.

ACC Administration
($150 per annum)

We check and explain your ACC invoices before they come to you.

Company Administration
(including companies office charges)
($150 per annum)

We take care of your company's statutory obligations and ensure compliance

  • Maintain Directors registers
  • Maintain Shareholders registers
  • Ensure minutes are signed and up to date
  • Make changes on Companies Office as required
  • File the annual return
  • Advise you of any securities or charges against the company's assets

Trust Administration
($150 per annum, where we act as Trustee $450 per annum)

We ensure that your trust is managed in accordance with best practice

  • Trust management
  • We hold and maintain the Trust minute book
  • Maintain registers of Trustees
  • Annual meeting of trustees where we act as Trustee

Accountancy Audit Insurance
(from $215 per annum)

Protect yourself from additional accounting costs associate with an Inland Revenue enquiry or tax audit.

 All prices exclude GST and are subject to a specific quote for your business.