2018 Client Function

Following on from our last client function and due to the overwhelming positive feedback we received, we have organised our next event. Christmas comes with a lot of celebration and events so we have decided to host this year's function in autumn when things are a little less busy.

This year we will be hearing from Cheryl Doig of Think Beyond.

Cheryl is a leadership futurist who sees exponential technologies as an opportunity to amplify our human characteristics. She challenges organisations to think differently in order to adapt to a rapidly changing and complex world.

In 2017 Cheryl was a finalist in the Westpac Women of Influence Awards, in the Innovation and Science category. She sees this recognition as an opportunity to continue influencing young women to grow as leaders and entrepreneurs.

Cheryl is currently a Board Chair of the NZ Brain Research Institute,  Establishment Board Chair of Haeata Community Campus and serves as a trustee for Limitless and Food for Thought Trusts. Cheryl is a member of the NZ Institute of Directors,  Association of Professional Futurists and the World Future Society.


   Cheryl Doig

Cheryl will cover the topic The Role of Humans in an Age of Technology - Why Relationships Are More Important Than Ever

Technological change continues to accelerate. Automation is an increasing threat to employment. In times of such exponential acceleration it is important for us to consider and amplify what makes us uniquely human. Rather than trying to compete with technology, let's explore ways in which technology can enhance humanity. What does it mean to be human? What are the implications for organisations trying to understand these complex times?

Dr Cheryl Doig will share some of the technological trends that are impacting on our lives and businesses and help us to consider how we can manage the constant pace of change. How do we support our organisations to be aware of the trends? How do we filter out the noise? How do we develop the human capabilities that will help our organisations thrive?